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The Australian package will have Australian teachers, we are launching an indiegogo campaign on 10/10/2018 to run for 40 days to financially raise money to build the Australian/ New Zealand package. Currently for the time being as of September 2018 we added the Kenyan package (in English) to the Australian students until the Australian package gets ready by January 2019. The Kenyan package was built using the Australian curriculum and we are to complete the Kenyan package as soon as we can. Currently we made 400 hours of recorded lessons from Kenya and looking to do a similar package for Australia using Australian teachers. We will add 200 hours of video lessons for each subject and we will start with Mathematics and Science then we will move on to start other subjects. Click on LEARN MORE tab for each grade on the next page to view the lists of video lessons available. 

For this package we deliver and support the Australian and New Zealand students with the learning areas of both curriculums by deepening their knowledge and expanding their understanding. please read the Learn More button on each year of study to check for yourself the lessons included. For this package we will continue to add more subjects and topics constantly to ensure every aspect of knowledge in the curriculum is covered. We teach mathematical concepts and their applications including but not limited to numbers and algebra, measurement and geometry, probability, financial mathematics, equations and graphs. In science we also teach scientific concepts including nature and development of science, biological sciences, chemical sciences, physical sciences, earth and space sciences.

In both mathematics and science:
We introduce the topics and subtopics
We identify a range of points, facts, and figures
We discuss questions and problems
We show illustrations on the whiteboard by drawing graphs, diagrams, tables, and models to analyse patterns and relationships.
We demonstrate to the students how to evaluate and examine scientific claims and mathematical applications based on scientific knowledge, given data and evidence.
We engage the students to understand the world through scientific knowledge and mathematical calculations.
We will make a start for grades 11 and 12 as soon as we can. If you are a representative of an organization or a school and want this package done within the next few months please contact us and we will discuss what we can do to make this package ready by April or May of 2018. Also we are in the process of building a digital library for all students to assist them in learning and we are looking forward to get this done soon, we will place the library icon on the homepage for the public use as well.

Overall, please note that science and mathematics are universal knowledge therefore, if you are not from either Australia or New Zealand you can also take this package as it covers most of the topics taught in your country.
Finally please note again that we will cover more subjects and we will add them into this package as soon as we can.

Thank you and welcome
Best Regards;
Meerkats Academy Team