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PACKAGE 2 - AFRICA For the African package we will deliver for each of the following countries with the learning areas of their curriculum:



We teach to build knowledge and to expanding the learning experience of the students in Africa. We believe that education in Africa is a priority for the future of the continent. Please read the Learn More button on each year of study to check for yourself the lessons included for Kenya as we are slowly approaching towards the other countries due to our limited resources. However we are making a progress and we know we will reach this goal in the near future. Currently for the Kenyan package please note that science and mathematics are universal knowledge and so we pinpoint the topics that are taught in Kenya and bring them from the Australian package that we have built. Also note that we are working on completing the Kenyan package so it can take its final shape as soon as we can. This Kenyan package covers most of the topics taught in your country and we are confident of that. We will start to make a progress towards Nigeria and South Africa once we have finalized the Kenyan package. Similarly, we will continue to add more subjects and topics constantly to ensure every aspect of knowledge in the Kenyan curriculum is covered. What we are doing for now however is covering the crucial subjects first before we start covering other subjects like geography, history, business studies etc eventhough we understand the importance of these subjects as well. Therefore, for now we teach mathematical concepts and their applications including but not limited to numbers and algebra, measurement and geometry, probability, financial mathematics, equations and graphs. In science we also teach scientific concepts including nature and development of science, biological sciences, chemical sciences, physical sciences, earth and space sciences.  As a reminder if you are an African student in any of these countries please take the Kenyan package for now and once the package for your country becomes ready we will let you know. All students will have access to the students forums to communicate with each other and build a learning environment, also all students from any given country will have access to the forums of their chosen package for example all students in the Kenyan Package will have access to the video lessons for Kenya and will have access to the Kenyan forums. Meerkats digital Library is also underway and will include reading materials and exercises.

In both mathematics and science:
We introduce the topics and subtopics
We identify a range of points, facts, and figures
We discuss questions and problems
We show illustrations on the whiteboard by drawing graphs, diagrams, tables, and models to analyse patterns and relationships.
We demonstrate to the students how to evaluate and examine scientific claims and mathematical applications based on scientific knowledge by the given data and evidence.
We engage the students to understand the world through scientific knowledge and mathematical calculations.

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